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Understanding The Plunttu: The Essential Plunttish-English-German-Finnish Encyclopedia

By request: This is an online service for those words and phenomenons you can't find from your ordinary dictionary or encyclopedia. For the general interest, some of the already existing private lj entries need to become public, and new ones will be created into this community.

Examples of welcome entries:

*What the hell is a Plunttu? It's supposed to be Finnish, but the Finnish people don't understand what it is. Not to mention how to translate it.
*How to explain a foreigner that the Finnish term "panisin" is actually an adjective?
*new words that indicate behaviour

Main goal is to increase understanding between different cultures/languages/subcultures etc. There's only one rule, and that's don't let it be too serious.

New members are welcome! Feel free to join. And please, write more dictionaries!